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About Us
We are located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Wisconsin is considered to be the birth place of The American Water Spaniel. In fact, it is the Official State Dog and one of only a handful of AKC recognized breeds to be developed here in the United States.

I have been involved with dogs for more than 50 years, growing up with Great Danes and fox and coon hounds.

Since 1971 I have been very active with the Sporting breeds, raising and training Golden Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels for many years and working with my husband, Richard, training gun dogs of all breeds for numerous years.

I was introduced to American Water Spaniels more than 30 years ago by a long time friend, Dave Duffey. Dave is a noted Gun Dog trainer, author and life long friend of Doc Pfiefer, the "Father" of today's American Water Spaniel.

We have had our American Water Spaniels for the past 3 plus decades.
We are very proud of our dogs and their accomplishments. We show our dogs in the breed ring to insure sound movement and correct type. They also compete and place in obedience, proving trainability.  We hunt our dogs on both wild birds and on preserve land successfully. Our bloodlines are the only NAHRA, AWSC, UKC-HRC, and AWSFA tested and titled dogs in the country.

Most importantly, our dogs are fine family companions, we work hard to preserve the proper AWS temperment. Our dogs are tested and pass the very stringent requirements set up by the American Temperment Test Society, a nationally recognized organization. They are also certified Therapy dogs and hold AKC Canine Good Citizenship certification.

We are not a large commercial operation. Our puppies are born in our guest room and raised underfoot in the dining room and kitchen in a loving and enriched environment.

Our dogs are all OFA'd and/or PENN hipped normal. We also have a board certified veterinary opthamologist examine the eyes of our dogs on a yearly basis to determine if there are any inherited defects and we send the results to CERF. To this date all of our dogs are declared clear. In addition, all of our dogs are OFA cleared for cardiac.